About Us

Thank-you for considering us as manufacturers of your luxury mobile home or garden lodge.

We are a specialist timber frame building company based in our modest factory in Poole, Dorset, we have been building bespoke mobile homes for over 15 years, establishing ourselves as the leading top-end builders in the industry. Our homes aren’t supplied fully finished from a factory. We produce the timber frame panels in our workshops and assemble the structure onsite in accordance with the ‘Caravans Act’. This method of construction allows us to access difficult to reach back gardens and also enables a higher build quality and lower cost. Each home is uniquely designed and finished to the requirements of the customer, in terms of style and budget. From external finishes like cladding, windows, roofs tiles and internal finishes like flooring, kitchens, you can have practically anything you want. The key aspect of our service is that we offer homes that are build to conform to regulations of a ‘mobile home’ but have the insulation values, wall thickness and finishes of a conventional building regulation house. Designed for long-term year-round use.

  • Our standard specification offers the same wall thickness and insulation values as a conventional new build house. Suitable for year round occupation. 200 mm insulated walls, roof and floor. Finished walls are 1ft thick.
  • Built to conform to both the Caravans Act and when requested Building Regulation Standards for conventional homes, in terms of walls thickness and insulation values.
  • Low-profile timber chassis for a better appearance. Substantial 220 mm floor timbers give superior rigidity underfoot. Ply Floor boarding. SIP panels available.
  • Proper 12 mm internal plasterboard wall finish, painted. Real wood flooring, 100% wool carpets and real marble tiles, all as standard. Solid, clean, modern interiors – just like a normal house.


• Homes can be supplied fully finished or as kit builds for self builders, developers and DIY enthusiasts.
• We make structures that conform to the definition of a ‘caravan’.
• Although transportable they often will not require wheels.
• Specialists in full size 65 x 22 ft twin unit homes. Delivered Nationwide.
• Our homes are most often used by relatives in private gardens.
• Each home has a unique design and is finished to the customer’s requirements both inside and out.
• Hard to access plots and back gardens are not a problem.
• Some static caravans and mobile homes have a reputation of thin walls. The finished walls of our homes are 30 cms / 12 inches thick. They look and feel just like normal houses both inside and out.
• Our operation is essentially that of a timber frame builder and main-contraction service. We have a carpentry workshop and admin offices.
• Experts in mobile home law and conformity.
• We’re a flexible manufacturing company who welcome each opportunity to build a new and exciting home.


Bespoke Building Approach
Unlike traditional manufacturers, our homes aren’t supplied fully finished from a factory. We meticulously craft timber frame panels in our workshops and assemble the structure onsite, adhering to the ‘Caravans Act’. This innovative method allows us to access difficult-to-reach areas like back gardens, ensuring a higher build quality and cost efficiency. Each home we create is a unique masterpiece, designed and finished according to your specific style and budget preferences.

Quality and Customisation
Our homes offer a remarkable blend of the mobile home’s convenience and the robustness of a conventional house. Key features include:

Wall Thickness and Insulation: Conforming to both the Caravans Act and Building Regulation Standards, our standard specification includes 200 mm insulated walls, roof, and floor, with finished walls being 1ft thick.
Superior Construction: We use a low-profile timber chassis for aesthetic appeal, with substantial 220 mm floor timbers for added rigidity. SIP panels are also available.
Interior Finishes: Our homes boast proper 12 mm internal plasterboard wall finishes, painted to perfection. We offer real wood flooring, 100% wool carpets, and real marble tiles as standard options, ensuring solid, clean, and modern interiors.
Quick Points About Value Mobile Homes Ltd

Kit builds available for self builders, developers, and DIY enthusiasts.
Specialist in full-size 65 x 22 ft twin unit homes, delivered nationwide.
Ideal for relatives in private gardens. Contact us today to begin crafting your dream home.