Material Specification – Aluminium Clad Softwood Windows and Doors (Rationel)

Aluminium Clad Softwood Windows and Doors from our favoured supplier ‘Rationel’. Prices shown.

These windows are doors are made from softwood frames on the inside and have a coloured aluminium fascia on the outside. In wide selection of colours.

Prices are general and may change. All windows are made bespoke to any size. The prices and sizes below are examples from our most frequently used. PRICE IS PLUS VAT.

Rationel bespoke windows and doors are available in timber or timber clad with aluminium. Please select the product you are interested in for more information. All Rationel windows and doors are fitted with modern, energy efficient double or triple glazing. This means buildings can be designed with large sections of glass whilst maintaining low energy costs. The Rationel fixed light is manufactured in solid timber construction and is also available with aluminium cladding which enhances the product lifetime and reduces maintenance requirements. Rationel products are manufactured with sustainable FSC certified timber from Sweden.