Twin-unit Mobile Home General Prices 2016

2016 Mobile and Park Home Price List

Hi Everyone,

Value Mobile Homes is having a great year with some lovely homes.

Our pricing structure is still based on a raw cost +10% system and pay-as-you-go contracts.

The detailed quotation prices are proving to be actuate to +/- 5%. Please send your plans for a quote.

We initially intended the company to be for self builders and developers. However, almost all of our clients have required fully finished homes. Our frequently used finishing trades are conducting fantastic work.

Two clients have taken the kit package. With fully external finish builds from us and sub-contacting the internal finishing elements themselves. As they already live onsite they found the process of organising the trades and scheduling more than managable. Please talk to them and visit their finished homes if you are considering this route.

All of our clients this year are happy and proud to offer their homes as show lodges. Please do take a visit.

2016 is going to produce some outstanding homes, best in the industry, we hope yours will be one them.

So our pricing is structured: Fix price for frameā€¦ raw cost +plus 10% for all internal finishing.

Published prices represent build regulation homes that also conform to the ‘caravans act’. Commercial caravan ‘spec is cheaper.

Best Regards, Kim and Guy Little