temporary agricultural workers dwelling


In our search for information about possibly building a home, we have come across your website.
We have a few questions, but let us first explain the situation. Chris currently works as Nursery manager at Valley Grown Nursery. They would like to look into the option to get us to live on site and they have asked us to get some more information about the building process, costs and time frame. Is it possible to sit down with someone and discuss the options?
We are looking for a 3-4 bedroom house, with one bathroom. Ideally the build is to be finished at the end of June this year. There is a piece of unused land available at the nursery site (approximately 20-40 meters).
We have had a look at your portfolio and floor plans on your site and that’s given us a rough idea of what we would like. Also if it’s possible we would like to have a look at one of your show homes.


Thank-you for your enquiry… Have you spoken with a planning consultant? You need to apply for a temporary agricultural workers dwelling…. it used to be called PPS7 application. Viewing are booked online where are you based?