The idea is that this will be built in the garden of my mothers property

The idea is that this will be built in the garden of my mothers property – it will be used as accommodation for my family – services linked direct and fed off main house and therefore we are of the understanding that no planning will be required so long as we meet the ‘mobile’ criteria and size. The garden includes an extremely large concrete area that this can be sited on ( it used to be a farm yard but not been farmed for 30 years and is deemed part of garden) – we have read the various criteria and understand a bit about it but believe that we do fall into not requiring permission – I have discussed it with the chairman of our local parish council and he is in agreement that it falls outside of a need for planning based on what I have told him . WE are going to be using it as accommodation whilst we are building 4 houses in the adjacent field which has outline planning already granted – but the building works will be over a 5 year period as we are proposing to self build ( and fund – hence why its going to be a long project !! ) – and then sell each one once completed. Long term I see that this mobile home may remain after we move into the last house we build andthen become my daughters residence ( alternatively it may be re sited in what will be our new house garden- but that a long way off yet !. There is so much so up in the air as I am sure you can imagine, but my first priority is to sort the immediate living needs of the family !


Yes you don’t need planning but we do advise you get a lawful development certificate… did you see our planning guide?
Ok as above… you don’t need planning it just about peace of mind really…